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Single Portrait - starting at $499
Double Portrait  - starting at $659
Portrait with Places and Events - starting at $799

Other commission options can be done in consultation with the artist.
These can be done in a variety of unique and dramatic composition types.

Click on paintings above to see the gallery page of that work.

Custom Framing

     Gallery framing, contemporary and traditional framing, and very formal framing are all available. 

Appropriately framed paintings reflect the unique personality of each painting. 

Your painting will be framed, complete with appropriate backing/dust protector,

hanging wires and hardware, ready to be hung in your home or office, or presented as a special gift. 

Contact: nykolaychukart@telus.net

Mail: nykolaychukart@telus.net?subject=Website Inquiry - Portrait Price List

The fee for commissioned work varies, depending on the size as well as the subject matter.
Though the fee may look high, initially, it is a really small investment for a very important documentation of history.
Commissions are often chosen for a special occasion or because the subject matter holds a special memory.
Keep in mind that from the date of commission to the date of delivery, a painting can take anywhere from three to six months
and involves many hours of preparation and painting time.
All this is achieved for what many people spend on their coffee each year.

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“Sun, Sand and Soft Breezes”
36 x 36 Original Oil

“Believe in Your Dreams”
24 x 36 Original Oil

“Under the Red Umbrellas”
24 x 36 Original Oil

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