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     My paintings are all done in traditional oils.  They are done on high quality stretched canvas.

     Due to the use of many layers of this slow drying medium, a painting can often take from three to four months to complete. The deep, rich look of a completed oil painting, however, cannot be compared to any other medium.

     Planning the composition, preliminary drawings, and extensive under-paintings are often required prior to any initial strokes of colour or texture that are apparent on the finished canvas. The final brush strokes are the culmination of the many hours of what lies beneath.  

     Ever since it emerged in the early 15th century, oil painting has enjoyed a reputation unsurpassed by any other artistic medium. Though the 19th century brought about an interest in water colours  and in the later half of the 20th century acrylics were introduced, an original oil painting even today maintains its standing as the most professional of mediums.  

     Oil Paintings still command the highest prices in reputable galleries and are the medium of choice for the world’s greatest artists.

Original Oil Paintings


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