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Making Ripples”
15 x 30 Original Oil

Contact: linda@nykolaychukart.com

My studio is always busy.  On this page you may see paintings that are either in progress, or are completed and are saleable.
Often there will be paintings that I have done in a giclée form as well as original oil paintings that are framed and ready for gallery sale. Below is a series of a painting that was completed as a commission showing the photo that was given to me,
as well as a few of the steps required for canvas preparation, some blocking in, and some underlying drawings done in oils.

#MakingRipples #MakingRipples

24 x 36 Framed Giclée

20 x 24 Framed Giclée

#Pianistanc #PrideAnchor #MyTurnAnchor

“My Turn”
18 x 24 Framed Giclée


11 x 14 Framed Giclée

24 x 28 Framed Giclée

#cartegenaanchor #RooftopsSayulita

“Rooftops of Sayulita”
20 x 30 Framed Original Oil


“Heritage Days”
24 x 30 Original Oil

#Pianistanc #RooftopsSayulita #BlacksmithAnchor #PrideAnchor #HeritageinthePark #MyTurnAnchor #cartegenaanchor

All the paintings shown below are currently in my studio, and may be purchased directly by contacting
me at linda@nykolaychukart.com. These paintings may or may not be in the on-line gallery.

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