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The Artist Commissioning

"Often a commissioned painting is a piece of history. 

"Family Portrait" (below) is a group portrait in front of the family home in Wisconsin, USA, dated 1910.

"Farm House" is the home of the eldest descendant of the family, on the Canadian prairies, dated 1923. 

"Family Portrait" was commissioned by the third generation of this family, pictured in her yard in Montana, USA. 

Three generations, now a legacy for the fourth."

A commissioned work can become an instant family heirloom and provide a unique memory or remarkable gift.

A portrait, or a commissioned painting will freeze a moment in time and will last many lifetimes.

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Though many commissions tend to be portraits, other memories lend themselves to very strong compositions when completed as an original oil painting.

When choosing this memory, look for strong shadows and a sense of drama in your photos.

Choosing several photos, not just one, helps in choosing the composition and blocking in the values on the canvas prior to painting.

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Commissions are often chosen for a special occasion or because the subject matter holds special memories.
Keep in mind that from the date of commission to the date of delivery, a painting can take anywhere from three to six months.

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“Family Portrait”

“Farm House”

A Commission may be left as an unframed gallery canvas
or may be framed in a high quality, gallery-ready frame, by the artist.

Contact: nykolaychukart@telus.net

Mail: nykolaychukart@telus.net?subject=Website Inquiry - Commissioning a Work #BlacksmithAnchor


“”The painting was to portray the art of blacksmithing.

Though this was not a commissioned piece,
the original framed painting has been purchased
as a family heirloom.

It is shown here with its three generations of owners.

Paintings are special memories that last  many lifetimes.”

Click here to see the painting in My Gallery.

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